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General Interest

A new look at Scottish musicReview of music workshops at 2018/19 NZ Branch Summer School2019
A Summer School World LeaderHow NZ has been leading the way in developing music at Summer School2018
Appreciating your musiciansMusicians put a lot of time into preparing sets of music and practising the tunes. Here are some ways to let them know that their efforts are appreciated.2021
Dance DatabaseOverview of what can be found in the Dance Database facility2017
Flying KiwisReview of a French SCD weekend, with music from an unlikely bunch of Kiwis.2016
Kiwi Fiddlers, Edinburgh Tattoo in SydneyAnother Tattoo with Kiwi fiddlers, this time in Sydney2019
Musicians' Convention HamiltonReview of a successful gathering of musicians and dancers2019
NZ Fiddlers in the Edinburgh TattooHow NZ's fiddlers found their way into performing in the Tattoo2016
Save our SchoolHow NZ's musicians stepped up to rescue music at a Summer School2017
SCD Music for DancersA brief guide to what you can listen for in the music2016
Using your AdviserAccessing the advice and experience of the Music Adviser2016
What's in a BandA behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making a SCD band2014

Tutors and MCs

Choosing a Band for your SCD eventGuide to some aspects for consideration when selecting a band2015
Club supports new musicianHow a Wellington SCD club supported the development of a local musician2016
Encouraging your local musicianSmall steps to a happy outcome2014
How to grow an SCD musicianIdeas for nurturing your upcoming musicians2018
A practical guide to live music at your eventSome things to bear in mind when planning your event and some advice for the MC on the day.2021
Practising your Ready-AndsHelp for working on this important skill2020
TACTalk music articlesArticles on Dance programme selection and tunes. Well worth a read!2012
Teaming up for a formal eventHow to help your event with live music run smoothly2019


Amplifying your fiddle
A summary of the factors to be considered and products available.
ChordsBow-and-curtsey chords: a quick guide
Developing and rehearsing your Band
Some ideas to improve your band's performance
Factors affecting Tempo
All you need to know …
Playing for SCD classes - an introduction
What you need to know if you're interested in playing for Class
Tune websites
Searching for a tune? Here's some help.
Why play music for SCD
A brief summary of the fun and pleasure!
Workshops with Marian and Max
Report on band workshops held in Lower Hutt

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