Music lockdown challenge

Lockdown Challenge

What did NZ’s musicians do when they were unable to play for your dancing?

They wrote music!

Lynne Scott challenged them by sending them the first few bars of a tune and inviting them to complete it.

The categories included a strathspey, a jig, a reel, a waltz and a slow air.

There were 47 entries and here are the winners, chosen by the musicians themselves.

CategoryTitleComposerPlaySheet music
StrathspeySolitary ConfinementVirginia Matheson
JigCamberwell JunctionNatalie Scott
Reel (joint)Old Friends Reel
Lynne Scott
Reel (joint)Roll-On ReelVirginia Matheson
WaltzThe Bloomfield WaltzMary McDonald
Slow air (joint)Air of ChangeVirginia Matheson
Slow air (joint)A Pinprick of LightLynne Scott

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