Education: Continuing development

Continuing Development

The NZ Branch supports teaching a love of Scottish country dancing and its music through positive learning environments that promote sound dancing skills.

The Branch is committed to providing options for teachers and musicians to continue with their own personal development and the following courses are offered either on demand or at selected Summer Schools

Basic Teaching SkillsThis is best described as a course for those who are already teaching or about to take on a group, but who do not wish to sit the RSCDS Teaching Certificate. There is no examination at the end of the course and attendance will result in a “Record of Completion of a course in basic Scottish country dancing Teaching skills”.

The RSCDS outlines 14 elements for inclusion in the course content, while recognising that the actual content may be customised to best serve the requirements of the participants. The elements are:

  • The needs of your class

  • Dance analysis

  • Lesson Planning

  • Class Management

  • Use of Voice, particularly in rhythmic counting and coaching

  • How to re-cap

  • MC skills

  • Selection of music

  • Working with a musician

  • Warm up and cool down

  • How to break down the basic steps for teaching to beginners

  • Guidance on teaching basic formations

  • How to build up the elements of a dance and put it together

  • Self-evaluation

The Branch works with groups or Regions to assist in the running of Basic Teaching Skills courses. To run a course or for more information on courses being run around New Zealand, email the Education and Training Co-ordinator.
Teacher PreparationThe Teacher Preparation Course is for anyone who wants to begin teaching Scottish country dancing, whether they are already teaching a club or group or have never taught at all. It is a good beginning point for anyone who wants to take the RSCDS Teaching Certificate at a later date.
The course aims to give participants the confidence to teach a group of dancers, while developing basic teaching skills in a friendly, supportive and non- critical environment.

Some of the skills covered include:

  • How to teach a step, a formation and how to put these together to teach a dance

  • Doing a warm up before a class and a cool down at the end

  • An introduction to working with musicians

  • How to put together a dance programme for a club night or evening function

  • Preparing and delivering briefing notes and recaps

  • Dance analysis, lesson planning and the selection and use of music.

  • Developing attributes such as a teacher's manner, use of voice, demonstration and class management

This course is offered every third year at the NZ Branch Summer School as listed in the Teacher Training and Examination Schedule.
Teachers' WorkshopFrom time to time the NZ Branch may run workshops for teachers who are currently teaching a club or who hold part or all of the RSCDS Teaching Certificate

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