Branch: Job descriptions

Job Descriptions

The New Zealand Branch of the RSCDS is administered by a group of individual members who bring a variety of skills to the management team. They are elected at the AGM each year and generally serve a term of about four years, so we rely on the enthusiasm of Branch members to fill vacancies as they arise.

Interested? Then have a look at these job descriptions which illustrate how you can use your particular talents to help promote and preserve Scottish country dancing in New Zealand.

A version which is Pending Approval will be tabled for review at the next Annual General Meeting of the Branch.

RoleDownloadLast UpdatePending Approval
Standing committee
President Pre-2019
Vice President Pre-2019
Secretary Pre-2019
Treasurer Pre-2019
Education and Training Pre-2019
Communications, Publicity and Membership 2021, 1 September
Information Technology 2021, 1 September
Youth Pre-2019
Music Advisor 2022, 19 April

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