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RSCDS Teaching Certificate in NZ

The RSCDS specifies the type of training course that must be undertaken for each exam. For some exams completion of the specified training is one of the conditions of entry. It is important, however, that candidates also undertake additional individual preparation in their local area. Suggestions for this will be given to candidates when they apply to sit a unit. It is particularly important that candidates note that for the dancing examination, Unit 2, “the candidate must be proficient in the steps and formations before starting the course”. This is one of the conditions of entry. The training course for this unit focuses more on the specified dances. Whilst critique of individual dancing is given, the candidate is expected to dance to a high standard before starting the course.

Training courses offered by NZ Branch
Part 1 - Unit 1This is an on-line correspondence course when you will be able to discuss topics and questions with other candidates and the tutor. The Unit 1 exam is sat in October each year on a day set by the RSCDS.
Part 1 - Unit 2Training for Unit 2 will be partly undertaken locally under the guidance of a mentor and will be completed at a New Zealand Branch Summer School.
Part 2 - Unit 3This is the first of the teaching exams which is held in conjunction with a course at a New Zealand Branch Summer School.
Part 2 - Unit 4Unit 4 is done locally under the guidance of a mentor. On completion, the Record of Teaching Practice is submitted to the RSCDS for assessment and feedback.
Part 2 - Unit 5This is the second and final of the teaching exams which is held in conjunction with a course at a New Zealand Branch Summer School.

You may wish to consider the Teacher Preparation course before starting the Teaching Certificate programme.

Submit an Application
Check the scheduleThe courses at Summer School are scheduled over a 3-year cycle.
Register for a training courseComplete the Training Registration Form
The Examination Course Tutor will confirm acceptance of the form and acceptance into the training course.
Register for Summer School, if appropriateThe application form for the next Summer School is not yet available.
Complete an examination application formOnce the training courses have been confirmed, you will be asked to complete the RSCDS application form for examination and will need to pay the fees as specified in the syllabus. This is payable in New Zealand dollars to the New Zealand Branch. The conversion rate will be advised at the time of payment. The training courses will be confirmed once the minimum number of candidates have registered.
Submit the applicationRegistrations are required by 30 June.

Email the NZ Branch Contact for Advice
General information Education Coordinator
Information about Unit 1Unit 1 Tutor
Information about Units 2,3,4 and 5Examination Class Tutor

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