JAM: Overview

Junior Associate Membership

Welcome to Junior Associate Membership of the New Zealand Branch of the RSCDS.

Young dancers are vital to the future of Scottish country dancing and that is why we offer so many opportunities for you to dance at Clubs throughout New Zealand.

If you enjoy dancing we encourage you to become a JAM. Members come from all over New Zealand and get together at weekend schools, JAM camp and Summer school.

Young dancers can register as JAMs as soon as they start dancing and will be either a Junior JAM (aged 8-12) or a Senior JAM (aged 13-19). The annual subscription is $15 per year or $25 for a family.

Benefits of becoming a JAM


Keep in touch with other young dancers through our newsletter ‘Jigs and More’ which is published three times a year.

JAM Camp

These weekend camps of classes, outings and evening dances are currently on hold.

Summer School

Come to this 10-day school which is held over the New Year and meet teachers, musicians and dancers from all over the world. As a JAM, you can even apply for a scholarship which covers all the costs!

Medal tests

Participate in these these tests to show how you are developing your skills as a Scottish country dancer.

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