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RSCDS Teaching Certificate

The training of teachers has been an important feature of the work of the RSCDS since its inception in 1923. The value of such training is recognised throughout the world and the ability of RSCDS teachers to pass on their skills to others is one of the main factors in ensuring the future not only of the RSCDS but of Scottish Country Dancing itself. All successful candidates receive a new teacher’s pack, providing advice and information for those just getting started.

The Structure of the Teaching Certificate
Part 1 - Unit 1This is the written paper, which is based solely on the Manual. This is usually self-taught, but candidates would gain from consulting an experienced teacher about questions from past papers.
Part 1 - Unit 2This is the practical dancing exam, based on the 12 prescribed dances. It is usually combined with Unit 3 and studied together so the physical demands of Unit 2 must be managed carefully, dancing as much as possible but minimising the risk of injury.
Part 2 - Unit 3This is the first of the teaching exams. Candidates are required to teach basic steps and formations at beginner’s level.
Part 2 - Unit 4This requires keeping a list of all classes taught since passing Unit 3. Detailed lesson plans for a minimum of six one-hour classes, preferably at different levels, is also required.
Part 2 - Unit 5This is the second and final of the teaching exams. Candidates are required to teach a 32-bar RSCDS dance at intermediate level.
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