JAM: Membership

JAM Membership

Who can join?

Junior Associate Membership is available to anybody up to the age of 19, so if you have any other young friends who would like to try Scottish Country Dancing please invite them to join in.

It is also possible to register as a JAM Club or a Friend of JAM.


Three times a year you will receive a newsletter –”Jigs And More”, especially for JAMs. Each edition  contains competitions, dance instructions, articles, information about special events for JAMs, and much more. There is also a special page for our Senior JAMs.

You also have the opportunity to attend JAM Camp, work towards gaining medals and so much more.


The JAM membership co-ordinator is:
Anna Verhaegh
74 Cortina Avenue, Johnsonville, Wellington
Email: anna.verhaegh@gmail.com


Please complete this form and return it to Anna.

Application form



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