Certificate: Application

Register for Teacher Training

The form below may be completed online in order register for entry onto the RSCDS Teacher Certificate course. The form will be emailed to the Branch Secretary with a copy to yourself.
Please note that the online form for registration will not display fully on the screen that you are using. Please use a device with a wider screen (minimum 651px) if you wish to submit an entry online.

Alternatively, the form may be downloaded and completed offline by clicking

Personal Details
Please select each teacher training course
for which you are registering
Teacher PreparationUnit 1Unit 2Unit 3Unit 4Unit 5
Details about your dancing experience
Years dancing
Year of joining the RSCDS
List classes attended in the past 2 years
Details about your teaching experience
Years teaching
Years as an MC
Please give more information about your expereince
in teaching Scottish country dancing
Please list details of any previous teacher training
including any attempts at RSCDS examinations
If applying for Teacher Preparation are you interested
in taking the RSCDS Teaching Certificate

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