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Welcome to Christchurch Summer School 2021/22

Oor Gaitherin


In the recent MAC News, the New Zealand Branch Management have offered to pay $100 towards each adult dancer or musician, & $50 for each JAM dancer or musician attending the 2021 Summer School. This offer is in recognition of dancers and musicians throughout New Zealand having a disappointing 2020, and the Branch having a healthy ‘special purpose Summer School Fund’.

Well done & “THANK YOU” NZ Branch Management 🙂


The 2020 year has been one of many emotions – surprise, shock, sadness & suffering and, for some, letting loved ones go. But it has also been a year of resilience, acceptance and of coming together while staying apart.

It has been said we are connected to everyone else in the world through six degrees of separation or less, I believe 2020 has shown us that figure is much, much less – almost everybody knows someone affected by Covid-19 in one way or another!  Scary thought if you look at it in a sad way, but if you look at it in a social media way – we have never been as close to one another as we have been this year (actually – that could still be a scary thought  )

Deciding to postpone the 2020 NZ Branch Summer School was the right way to go – especially as travel restrictions within New Zealand could still change at a moment’s notice to combat any possible community outbreak.

Letters have been sent to every person who registered for our 2020 School, explaining our decisions & position. Because border restrictions / quarantine procedures could be in place well into mid 2022, we have asked all overseas registrants to reconsider their expectation of coming to the 2021/22 school.

I guess this is a first – asking these wonderfully enthusiastic people not to come!

BUT – (and this is a good ‘but’) understanding there WILL be a ‘Trans-Tasman Bubble’ opening up, the possibility of hosting some Australians at the school sounds fabulous, and something we’d love to do. Though this does depend on everyone playing their part in staying safe & not passing anything on. And as Aussies are so close to New Zealand, we realise they can afford to make the final decision to join us closer to Summer School time.

And because the focus is more on running a ‘domestic’ School, we have made changes to our theming, our advertising, and will be stepping up some of the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff – like health & safety, sanitiser & cleanliness etc.

For now, many of the local registrations have mooted to join us in 2021/22, the invited New Zealand staff are still on board too. The overseas guests have replied with acceptance, understanding & (a little) relief of our decision to release them from their commitment to join us.

We’re now looking ahead – focussing on celebrating our freedom to gather!  Come join us!

Let’s all celebrate together

28th December 2021 – 5th January 2022, at the

New Zealand Summer School – Oor Gaitherin!

We’re looking forward to a bit of a hoolie….won’t you join us?

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