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Apply to become a Member of the RSCDS

Date of ApplicationHow your application will be processed
1 January - 31 MayMembership will be registered immediately for the current year (Half-Year membership available).
The Branch treasurer will contact you regarding payment of your subscription.
1 June - 31 JulyMembership will be postponed until the next membership year commencing 1st September.
Your Club will be informed and will request payment of your subscription in August.
1 August - 31 SeptemberApplications to join the RSCDS during this period are normally made direct to your Club which will request payment of your subscription.
If you have not provided the Club with your contact details, you may do so via this form.
1 October - 31 DecemberMembership will be registered immediately for the current year.
The Branch treasurer will contact you regarding payment of your subscription.

The form below may be completed online to submit an application to join the New Zealand Branch of the RSCDS. It will be emailed to the Branch with a copy to your Region Secretary and yourself.

Alternatively, the form may be downloaded and completed offline by clicking

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Note: If selecting joint membership, both members must select the same category (Joint Non-email or Joint Email).

Adult Single Non-email: $65Adult Single Email: $55Adult Single Half-Year: $32Adult Joint Non-email: $52Adult Joint Email: $47Young Adult Non-email: $42Young Adult Email: $32

The following information is required if you have selected Joint membership
Note: If two new members are requesting joint membership, BOTH are required to submit an application form.

Name of joint member

Will you be the primary contact who receives communications (email/postage)
(Only one of a pair of joint members may select this option)
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If you have any additional information or questions about your membership, please enter them below.

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