SS1: Classes


The following classes will be offered at Summer School

ClassBrief description
Junior JAMs (ages 8 - 13)This will be a fun class for young dancers with some Scottish country dancing experience.
Youth Challenge Class (ages 14 – 40)This is a class for those with the unbridled energy and enthusiasm of the young.
Starters and Re-startersThis class will give an introduction to steps, basic technique and formations for SCD.
DevelopmentThe next step on from Starters & Re-starters – some may call it ‘Intermediate’.
SocialThis class focuses on sociability and the overall execution of dances without too much strenuous emphasis on footwork.
AdvancedFor this class you should be able to dance all the common formations without a recap.
Very Advanced, Low ImpactThis class is for those who dance at a high standard of technique and expertise but prefer a class that is less intense.
Very Advanced, High ImpactThis will be similar to the ‘Youth Challenge’ class, but structured to suit those whose boundless energy may actually know some bounds
Teachers Examination class Unit 2 & 3You know who you are!
Class Selector Guide describes the classes in more detail.

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