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May 2020 UPDATE


  Due to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic and the uncertainty that it has caused, the Christchurch Summer School Committee along with the New Zealand Branch have decided to postpone this year’s Summer School for one year. We are sorry that it has come to this but the insecurity that Covid-19 has created, particularly around future travel restrictions and likely border controls, has made this decision necessary.

As a Committee this has been a hard decision to make but we felt it had to be made sooner rather than later. We have marvellous plans afoot … and they will all be put on hold for 12 months for you! We wish you all the best in these trying times and look forward to seeing you in Christchurch for the 2021/22 New Zealand Summer School.

Registrations will stay open, though prices stated are now indicative only, as all costs will require reviewing upon our re-bookings in early 2021.

The SS2020/21/22 Committee wish you all the very best during this very difficult time - 

Kia kaha. Kia maia. Kia manawanui.

Be strong. Be brave. Be steadfast.







March 27, 2020 UPDATE

As like a lot of areas in the world, New Zealand is in complete lockdown to help contain the spread of this awful disease the planet is experiencing. Hopefully this will also help to ease the predicted burden on the hospital systems that other countries are going through right now, and the Heroes working in them, and maybe give those scientists all around the world a little breathing space to do their work.

Predictions indicate NZ will continue to have a rise in cases for the next couple of weeks before ‘the curve’ starts to flatten, and to enable the majority of possible cases to be confirmed & cared for, so a ‘confinement’ for four weeks (at this stage) makes a lot of sense.

Our SS2020 Committee is still expecting to hold this years’ Summer School (goodness knows we will all be wanting & needing a real hoolie by then!), and so are continuing to work on all aspects of the planning – from classes, dance programmes, theming, excursions and so forth.

We hope you are also continuing your plans to join us too; so keep safe, keep saving, keep the positive attitude, and keep an eye out for the good cheap flights when the world finally comes back online J

But we do understand, over this time of uncertainty, if you decide at any time not to join us for SS2020, we will refund all of your deposits & monies paid – we will waive the ‘non-refundable admin fee’. 

David, Alice, Graeme & Su really look forward to hosting you this December – can you imagine the party we could all have together after what 2020 has thrown at us?


We have a long standing Māori phase in New Zealand that became a mantra after our Christchurch earthquakes in 2011 –   “Kia kaha”   which means ‘Stay strong’   


Su will continue to post items of interest on our SS facebook, please comment & share – it’s a great way for us all to ride this wave together…while staying apart (2m apart is best I hear).

Stay safe, stay well, stay in touch,…. & wash your hands!


Kia kaha 


SS2020 team  smiley









 March 2020

Tēnā koe e hoa

Welcome to our first newsletter. We are so excited to be hosting this school in Ōtautahi Christchurch this year – we’re going to have a great time!

First up, let us introduce ourselves …


           Alice         Ian             Su                    David                 Graeme


David Williamson (Organiser), Ian Marshall (Treasurer), Alice Shankie (Secretary), Graeme Plank (Logistics) and Su Marshall (Pleb) – together we make the core SS2020 Committee.  Of course we’ll be joined by lots of volunteers as we go along … a Summer School just can’t happen without lots of community support smiley

David has years of experience in SCD and teaching, has been President of the region and the NZ Branch, and has organised Summer Schools before so he knows what he’s about.
Ian has four years of SCD experience, runs his own business so is used to spreadsheets, and has never run a SS so is full of hope and optimistic enthusiasm.
Alice has been in SCD since a child, is a primary school teacher so is very organised and knows how to keep us in order, and has never run a SS so is full of hope and optimistic enthusiasm.
Graeme has several years experience of SCD and teaching, is a UC Science Technician so is a wiz with logistics, and has never run a SS so is full of hope and optimistic enthusiasm.
Su has four years of SCD experience, is married to Ian, has wild and crazy ideas, and has never run a SS so is full of hope and optimistic enthusiasm. (Why is she on this committee, again?)

Anyhow – you can probably see a theme … as the only one with SS organisational experience, David has his work cut out for him keeping everyone in line smiley


The Burning Questions








 Favourite Chocolate:

Chocolate covered

licorice bullets

 Cadbury Dairy


 White – and plenty of it smiley

Caramel or Mint …

but only if I have to



First pet (type and name):

Cat, “Whisky”

 Guinea pig,


 Cat, "Toby"

Tabby cats,

“Grace” & “Isla”

 Moggy cat, 

 “Pee Wee”

 Favourite tipple:

  Speights Ale


 16yr’ (or

 almost any

 single malt


Pinot Noir

 (but can cope

  with a Merlot

 or Shiraz)

 Single malt

 whisky, full-

 bodied red

 wine or an

 imperial stout

   Sauv blanc,

 Jack Daniels or


Which 3 famous people would you invite to a dinner party?

Hayley Mills,

Billy Connolly,

Sean Connery

Freddie Mercury,

David Attenborough,

Leonardo Davinci

William Wallace (or

Mel Gibson!)

Actually – famous

folk intimidate

me ... 

Billy Connolly,

Robin Williams,

Danny Bhoy ...

what a hoot that would be!

Ginger Rogers,

Queen Elizabeth 1st,


What do you do when not doing SCD?

Sleep (recovering from SCD),

volunteer at Orana Park

Work, model

aircraft flying,

travel, ski

Work, read, tramp,

yoga, family time

Fish, brew craft

beer, choir support


Read, travel,

work, yooner,




As a committee we are dedicated to the premise that a SCD Summer School should be about fun and learning.  Everyone should feel included – whether it’s their first school (or year of dancing) or their 51st school (or year of dancing).  We are ALL here to enjoy ourselves, enjoy our dancing, learn and help others to learn, and encourage each other to grow in our dancing, knowledge and friendships. 


We are thrilled to have secured the talents of overseas teachers Tim Wilson (San Francisco) and Andrew Timmins (Germany), and musicians Adam Brady (UK) and Iain Mckenzie (Australia) for our school. In following newsletters we’ll introduce them to you all in more detail   smiley


That’s it for now – I’ve already waffled on too long …
If you have Facebook, please follow our page for the latest snippets & updates.  smiley (See link below)
Aroha nui,


Su smiley
The Editor (I have my uses ….)


(Full disclosure statement: Whilst it is true four of us haven't organised a SS before, we have a wealth of experience organising other events...)

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