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CLICK ON THIS LINK TO GO TO REGISTRATION FORM:     Registration Link Here     (But please read all information below first 😊)

This is a 'Google Form' page that should be accessible from all computers. 


Registration Guide:

The information set out below should help guide you through the process.  All classes, plus residential & commuter options, & prices are laid out below...just keep scrolling down 😊

Please note: Depending on your answers given, not all of the following options will be available to you.


Starts at  "Online Registration SS2020/21"


Personal Details:

This is self-explanatory, please fill in as required.


Dietary Needs:        

Please fill this in noting any Medical Allergies or Dietary requirements you may have (including Cultural requirements), so we can ensure you will be catered for.

We will also do our best to cater for lifestyle choices, but please understand some may be difficult for us – contact the Organiser if you have any questions.


Accommodation Needs:

We ask if you require a ground floor room.   This is really a question for during the school - eg: are you capable of using the stairs each day? will you be carrying heavy or bulky instruments?

 We will have 'strapping young students' to help carry your luggage on arrival & departure - if you need it.


RSCDS Membership:

Insert your RSCDS membership No.    It is a requirement that we confirm your membership with RSCDS in ‘Coates Crescent’ for you to receive your RSCDS discount.


Teacher Training Certification:

This is for candidates sitting Units 2 & 3 of the RSCDS Teaching Certificate.

Please note that, in addition to registering for Summer School, Units 2 & 3 forms and fees should be sent to NZ Branch as explained on the NZ Branch website.

Please refer any questions to the NZ Branch Education Coordinator, Lee Miller.

Note: Ticking this section will have you skipping all the ‘Classes’ options



If under the age of 18 years, any JAM’s attending must include details of an accompanying adult responsible for them during the entire School.


Emergency Contact:

Again, this is self-explanatory, please fill in as required.


A note for all dance classes:

 We have future teachers sitting Unit 2 & 3 exams at this school.  They can’t do this without our help.  Your class may be called on to provide ‘stooges’ for exam classes – it’s a marvellous opportunity to support the future of our favourite pastime! 😊


Dance Class options:

The list of Dance classes available is as follows ….

JAMs (ages 8 - 13)

Youth Challenge (ages 14 - 40)

Starters & Re-starters




Very Advanced Low Impact

Very Advanced High Impact


The Class Selection Guide tab has a detailed description of what you should expect when attending these classes.

There are also two lists of formations your Summer School teacher may expect you to be quite familiar with – but please note: ‘Starters & Re-starters’, and ‘Development’ classes will be working on or through list one 😊

Please read through the ‘Class Selection Guide’ and the ‘Formations Lists’ carefully – you and your home class teacher should be confident you will meet the recommended experience and physical ability levels for the class selected.


Musicians Classes:

Musicians will gain the most benefit from the course if they can already play at least some tunes at dance speed.

Provision & transport of instruments is the participant’s responsibility. If required, the organising committee will do its best to put you in contact with a possible local provider with whom to make your own arrangements.

Musicians’ classes will be held in the afternoons, run with expert help & advice from the overseas & local talent; this also allows the morning for dance classes should you wish to be the ‘most amazing all-rounder’ 😊


Privacy Info:

This section reminds you to let us know if you do not wish to have your details available to other dancers at the school, plus if you do not wish to be in any videos/photos taken that may be published on the RSCDS NZB (or Region) newsletters, website, brochures and / or Facebook.



You must read this section – it is self-explanatory but you need to be aware and understand. There is a tick box on this section that you are required to acknowledge.       


Code of Conduct:

You must read this section   – We expect all attendees to be able to enjoy all the School has to offer in a friendly, safe environment.  There is a tick box on this section that you are required to acknowledge.


Registration type - Fees:

For clarification purposes – JAMs are ages up to and including 19 years.  Any registrants in this age band will be charged at the JAM rate no matter what class they register for. Those aged 20 years and over will be charged at adult rates.  (All ages will be as at 1st December 2020 for the purpose of this Summer School.)


Are you intending to ….   and associated costs ...


Commute as a JAM Dancer and/or Musician -     NZD$ 250.00                   choose ‘JAM Commuter’


Experience all the school has to offer as a Resident                                 

JAM Dancer and/or Musician -              NZD$ 1225.00                                 choose ‘JAM Resident’


Commute as an Adult Dancer and/or Musician -    NZD$ 700.00                 choose ‘Adult Commuter’


Experience all the school has to offer as a Resident                                 

Adult Dancer and/or Musician -          NZD$ 1700.00                                  choose ‘Adult Resident’


Be a very supportive Non-Dancing Resident -    NZD$ 1250.00                    choose ‘Non Dancer or Musician Resident’


Be a Legend! – For our Teachers or Musicians -                     choose ‘Legend!’


Attend part of the School as a Resident Adult -                     choose ‘Adult Resident’ & contact for your availability


Attend part of the School as a Resident JAM -                      choose ‘JAM Resident’ & contact for your availability


Attend part of the School as a Commuter Adult -                  choose ‘Adult Commuter’ & contact for your availability


Attend part of the School as a Commuter JAM -                   choose ‘JAM Commuter’ & contact for your availability


Go grey prematurely as a Staff Member -                             sorry – no category for this but you are by definition, a ‘Legend!’        


Full time – Part time:

Options for Full or Part School attendees, a reminder to let us know what your availability is, we can then work out the cost of the School for you.


Payments as per your input:

The total cost to you for attending the School.


Optional Extras / Transport:

This section lets us know if you need to arrive earlier than December 28, 2020; so that we may contact you directly regarding extra accommodation & meal requests 😊

Another tick box to indicate whether you require a pickup & return to the Airport, Bus or Train Station.

Note: Arrival for Registration at College House is currently planned for 1pm onwards on December 28, 2020; and all attendees are expected to leave College House by 10am on January 5, 2021.


Payment options:

As written in our brochure, Cheques will not be accepted this year (some major Banks are phasing out accepting cheques and we don’t want anyone caught in the middle)

Please pay via internet banking, or deposit directly through a bank branch.

Our Bank Account Name, Number and Swift code is detailed in the payment section of the form, & added below - just in case 😊


A full payment or deposit will be required to accept your Registration – details of deposits are in the final window.   PLEASE - code every transaction with your Full Name

Final payments are due by December 1, 2020 - but we are very happy to take your money earlier 😊 


We are offering a payment plan – 10 equal payments (February – November 2020). This will be available only for attendees with a New Zealand bank account.  

There will be no extra administration charges added by the Summer School, although your bank may add charges depending on their systems.

To do this we ask you to set up an automatic transfer from your account to ours.

This option has now passed - but due to being a popular form of payment, we are working on other options to help 'spread' the financial load. 😊

PLEASE - code every transaction with your Full Name


We may also be able to arrange a family discount – please contact the Organiser to discuss.


For all Registrants - Please note: The deposit or first payment includes a non-refundable Admin fee - the amount set varies for the different Registrant types.


Overseas payments – Please pay all charges at time of transaction. NZ Bank charges (if any) will be collected at the School. 


Due to the "International Money Laundering" policies put in place by the banking system - your bank may ask for more information regarding where your money is going :) 

You may, or may not need all of the info shown below to process payment transactions - and remember to set it up as an 'International' payment


          Bank:   ANZ                                                                       Branch:   170 Featherston Street, Wellington

          Account name:      SI Summer School                                  Account number:  01-0235-0104533-03 

          Physical Address:  41 Whitehaven Street, Lawrence 9532      Swift code:  ANZBNZ22