RSCDS NZ Branch Summer School Christchurch 2020/21

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This is a Summer School - it is an opportunity to learn, practise, encourage and broaden your dance skills.  You (and the others in your class) will get the most out of this school if everyone chooses their class based on an honest assessment of dancing experience, physical abilities and energy levels.  Your class teacher will be able to help you reflect on what you wish to achieve at the school, and make your class choice accordingly.

PLEASE NOTE:  We have future teachers sitting Unit 2 & 3 exams at this school.  They can’t do this without our help.  Your class may be called on to provide ‘stooges’ for exam classes – it’s a marvellous opportunity to support the future of our favourite pastime! 😊


Junior JAMs (ages 8 - 13):

This will be a fun class for young dancers with some Scottish country dancing experience.  A class where (on possible consultation with your local club teacher) you will grow your knowledge of steps & formations, and experience the joy of dancing with other like-minded young souls.


Youth Challenge Class (ages 14 – 40):

This is a class for those with the unbridled energy and enthusiasm of the young.  It is expected that participants will have the physical stamina to maintain a high level of energy throughout the duration of the school.  They will also have a good grounding in all technical aspects and a thirst to refine it even further. Dancers will need to have a quick mind, quick feet and a hunger for learning.  This class will be youthful in attitude as well as age, and is expected to be highly social in nature.

Senior JAMS who don’t have the dancing experience and/or technical ability to meet this class may join another adult class that best suits their level and needs.


Starters and Re-starters:

This class will give an introduction to steps, basic technique and formations for SCD (List 1), and start to build confidence for joining in.  Some of the dances for the evening programmes will be taught, as will some of the traditional etiquette.


Development:  (the next step on from Starters & Re-starters – some may call it ‘Intermediate’)

This class will continue to develop steps and formations for those with some dancing experience.  It will focus on all aspects of technique: footwork, handing, phrasing, transitions, dance geometry and teamwork. List 1 will be worked through.



This class focuses on sociability and the overall execution of dances without too much strenuous emphasis on footwork.  Dancers will be familiar with formations from List 1 and will possibly have many years dancing experience but are ready to be more relaxed.  The aim is to be personally competent and supportive of others in a social setting.



For this class you should be able to dance all the formations from List 1 without a recap.  The class will continue to develop accurate footwork and advanced formations, handing, phrasing, transitions and teamwork.  More challenging dances will be taught.


Very Advanced, Low Impact:

This class is for those who dance at a high standard of technique and expertise but prefer a class that is less intense.  It is for dancers who might not be able to sustain the high level of stamina required for the high impact class. List 1 and List 2 formations should be familiar and danced with precision, good handing and phrasing.


Very Advanced, High Impact:

This will be similar to the ‘Youth Challenge’ class, but structured to suit those whose boundless energy may actually know some bounds 😊

Suitable for dancers capable of dancing all steps and formations with excellent phrasing, use of hands, covering and grasp of dance geometry whilst sustaining a high level of performance.  Dancers will be expected to meet the challenge of a physically demanding class throughout the entire duration of the school. List 1 and List 2 formations should be familiar and danced with precision, good handing and phrasing.


Teachers Examination class – Unit 2 & 3

You know who you are… we wish you all the best & look forward to ‘stooging’ for you 😊

Candidates will need to have registered for Units 2 & 3 of the RSCDS Teaching Certificate.

Please note that, in addition to registering for Summer School, Units 2 & 3 forms and fees should be sent to NZ Branch as explained on the NZ Branch website.

Please refer any questions to the NZ Branch Education Coordinator, Lee Miller.


The School technical committee reserves the right to suggest a dancer move to another class they believe will provide the best Summer School experience for that individual and overall class.


Hands Round Rondel
Leading Strathspey Poussette
Hands Across Set and Rotate (2 & 3 Couples)
Advance and Retire Bourrel
Back to Back Tournee
Casting         Tourbillon
Cross and Cast Espagnole
Set and Cast Inveran Reels
Turns Set and Turn Corners
Rights and Lefts Spoke
Figure of Eight Schiehallion Reels
Reels of Three Knot
Reels of Four Set and Link (2 & 3 Couples)
Grand Chain Spurtle
Turn Corner, Partner Helix
Poussette - Reel and Jig                               Set to Corner,Partner (Hello,Goodbye Setting)
Ladies' and Men's Chain  
Set to Corners  
Allemande (2 & 3 Couples)  
Corner Chain  
Double Triangles  
Crown Triangles