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Membership Fees 2018/2019

Fees are payable in September 2018


Fee Type NZ Branch Fee RSCDS Fee Total Annual Fee
Adult Single 51.00 39.00 90.00
Adult Single - email 41.00 39.00 80.00
Adult Joint (per person) * 41.00 31.00 72.00
Adult Joint - email (per person)* 36.00 31.00 67.00
RSCDS Life Member 54.00   54.00
RSCDS Life Member - email 44.00   44.00
RSCDS Life Joint ** 31.00   31.00
Young Adult (age 18-24) 31.00 31.00 62.00
Young Adult - email 21.00 31.00 52.00
Introductory Membership *** 26.00 19.00 45.00

*       Any two members with the same physical address may be joint members. Only one of each pair of joint members will receive Branch publications.

**      Joint membership is not available to RSCDS Life Members (consistent with RSCDS practice), however an RSCDS Life Member may be an RSCDS Life Joint in association with a Full Adult or Full Annual email Member living at the same address. This gives these members the same discount on the Branch Service Fee available to Joint Members

***    Introductory membership is available to new members joining after 1 January 2019. The fee is 50% of the full annual single membership. It is not available to lapsed members re-joining.

Email members will receive a hard copy of the NZ Dancer Magazine in February.