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Subscriptions 2020-2021

Membership year

The membership year of New Zealand Branch is: 1 September - 31 August.

The renewal date for all members is 1 September and all fees are due by 30 September.

Each Region of New Zealand Branch is responsible for collecting the fees from its designated members.

Joint membership

Any two members with the same physical address may be joint members.

Both members must be in the same category: Adult Joint or Adult Joint Email.

Only one of the members may be nominated as the primary member who will receive email and postal communications from NZ Branch and Headquarters.

Life membership

Life members of the RSCDS are only required to pay the NZ Branch Fee.

Life Family Membership

This is a form of joint membership which is applicable to members living at the same address, where one or both are RSCDS Life members.

The Primary member (who need not be an RSCDS Life member) should select any category of single membership and pays the corresponding subscription in full.

The Secondary member, who must be an RSCDS Life member, should select RSCDS Life Family and pays a reduced subscription.

The primary member will receive email and postal communications from both NZ Branch and Headquarters.

The secondary member will only receive communications from Headquarters.

Young Adult membership

A reduced membership fee is available to individuals aged 18-24 at the commencement of the membership year (1st September).

Half-year membership

Half-year membership is available to new members joining after 1 January during the current membership year. The fee is 50% of the full annual membership.

It is not available to lapsed members re-joining.

Communications will be received by email (if an address is provided) or by post.

Email membership

Members who elect to receive communications by email will also receive hard copies of:

  • New Zealand Scottish Country Dancer (published annually by NZ Branch)
  • Scottish Country Dancer (published bi-annually by the RSCDS)


Fee Type NZ Branch FeeRSCDS FeeTotal Annual Fee
Adult Single30.0035.0065.00
Adult Single Email20.0035.0055.00
Adult Joint (per person)24.0028.0052.00
Adult Joint Email (per person)19.0028.0047.00
RSCDS Life Member30.0030.00
RSCDS Life Member Email20.0020.00
RSCDS Life Family18.0018.00
Young Adult14.0028.0042.00
Young Adult Email4.0028.0032.00

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