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Suggestions for publicising your club

  • Find out what works best for your club (e.g. local rag or major newspaper - varies from place to place) and concentrate your resources on that. It is better to spend money on one eye-catching ad. in the medium that works best for you than on several small less noticeable ads.
  • Keep the message simple with the essential details: Where the club meets, when, start date, and contact phone number. If you have  space without cluttering the ad, include more information such as “first night free of charge” or “no partner required”
  • Develop a relationship with your local reporter and keep him/her informed of events that can be reported and especially photographed.
  • Make maximum use of free publicity outlets such as library notice boards, council offices and especially supermarket community notice boards, and community radio notices.
  • Provide small take-away versions of ads. some clubs have also used bookmarks and visiting cards.