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Musicians Corner

This section of the RSCDS NZ Branch Website is intended for all who are interested in the music of Scottish Country Dancing – not just musicians.  Here you will find:

  • Musicians and Bands Register - A contact list of NZ’s current musicians and the bands they play in.
  • Music and the RSCDS NZ Branch
  • Articles of general interest - Non-technical articles and comment for musicians, tutors and dancers.
    • Devising dance programmes with musicians in mind
    • Encouraging your local musician
    • The RSCDS Tutor training programme
    • TACTalk Music Articles
    • What’s in a Band
    • What to do with your ears while your feet are busy
  • Band/Musician How-tos - Short articles on techniques and technologies, of interest to bands and individual musicians.
    • Amplifying your fiddle
    • Playing Start and End chords
  • Easy dance sets - Easy-to-play music to get you started either by yourself or as a band.
    • The White Cockade (R)
    • Davy Nick Nack (R)
    • Useful Jigs (J)